Loft Conversions



Loft conversions is another way of adding more space to your house,but with out losing any gardern or driveway space. But when converting your loft you must taken some things into consideration.

You must have an internal head height from the top of your exisitng floor joists to the bottom of the ridge board of a minimum height of 2.3m.You will also have to have a look at the pitch of your roof if the slope is less than 30 dergress than this will have to be looked into further or a new roof cut if need being. another thing that is important is there enough room for your new stair case, if so this must have a minimum head height at the top and bottom of the staircase of 2m for fire regulations.


There are many ways of converting your loft space if your loft is more than big enough you can just add velux windows, for the cheapest way to bring light into your new office/study or bedroom.

If your existing head height is poor add a dormer to you loft for more head height, for bathrooms this is good for head height fittings.The best way of converting your loft into a master bedroom with an en-suite , especially on semi detached properties, is to convert your hip roof to an gable end, this will give you maximum space to your loft. 

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