d.a.s build ltd carrys out alot of extension, from single to two storey extension. We can carry out all of the work from start to finish , from digging your foundations to decorating the inside. If you are looking for a single storey extension to the front of the property and if needs being its a flat roof ,add a mono pitch to the front for good looks . Or maybe your looking for the complete full height to add on the side , here we will cut your new pitch roof to marry in with the existing hipped or gable roof. With an add on to the front or rear of your property ,he we can simply leave the existing roof structure add an intersecting gable with blind valleys, this means only stripping of part of the roof tiles and fixing a blind valley to the exisiting common rafters, this will add looks to your roof against a basic gable roof.What ever you are in mind of doing to your new extension or even would like some ideas from us, d.a.s build ltd would always be happy to come and help your needs.

Flat roof with mono pitch to front of extension.



Intersecting valley to a gable roof (blind valley)



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